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2017 Award to Bob King

 Graham Robson, right, hands the Harry Webster Trophy to Bob King

The 2017 Award was presented on 20th July by a small group of representatives of the Forum  gathered at an Awards Lunch, in Taplow, South Bucks.

Graham Robson said “Speaking on behalf of the forum, I'm absolutely delighted to be asked to make the presentation of the Standard-Triumph Forum's annual Harry Webster Award for 2017, particularly as it is going to a man who has worked so hard for the movement, who is now in need of a rest, and thoroughly deserves this honour.

I am pleased to boast that I, along with the TR Register's ex-Chairman, Chris Cunnington, invented this annual award a few years ago, as one which should always go to a person who had done so much to help preserve the Standard and Triumph brands, and deserved recognition for all his work, not only on behalf of individual one-make clubs, but on the multi-club events which the Standard-Triumph Forum has promoted in recent years.

Harry Webster, of course, was the outstanding engineer and character whose staff did so much to conceive, design and develop a whole variety of Standard and Triumph models between the 1940s and the 1970s, and without his influence I doubt if there would be any Standard and Triumph clubs for us all to enjoy at this time.

It is, therefore, a great honour for me to recall that when his name was mentioned at a Forum meeting earlier this year, and was proposed for the award, there was not a single dissenting voice. Accordingly, it is with acclaim, and with the personal thanks from me, and all my colleagues around this table, that I want to make the 2017 Harry Webster Award to - Bob King.

The Harry Webster Award - 2017

Present at the Awards Lunch: (left to right)

Phil and Lynda Homer - Standard Motor Club, Graham Robson, Bob and Rachel  King, Club Triumph, Chris Cunninghton - TR Register, Roger and Leslie Phillips, Stag Owners Club and Paul Newsome, Standard Register.